Design Your Jeep Wrangler With The Power Of Jeep Hood Decals

Take your ride to the next level with high-quality, custom Jeep hood decals from BuiltUSA. Find out how easy it is to customize your Jeep Wrangler.

Are you looking for a unique way to make your Jeep Wrangler stand out from the crowd? Look no further than Jeep hood decals! These eye-catching decals are an easy and affordable way to customize your vehicle and show off your personality. With so many designs, colors, and sizes available, it's never been easier to craft the perfect look for your Jeep Wrangler. Whether you're going for a classic vibe or something more modern, there's sure to be a design that suits your style.

Take a closer look at what makes adding a hood decal to your Jeep Wrangler such an attractive option for customizing vehicles. Here, we will explore how to choose the best decal designs and apply them properly, so you can make your statement!

What Are The Different Types Of Jeep Hood Decals Available?

Jeep hood decals come in a variety of styles and sizes. The most popular option is the full-size decal, which covers the entire hood of your vehicle. Other versions include half-sized, quarter-sized, and even smaller ones that only cover a piece of the hood. The small business brand designs are perfect for those who want a more subtle look without making a grand statement.

Here are some of the most popular hood decal types:

Vinyl Decals

These decals are made from durable vinyl that is weather-resistant and has easy installation. They come in various colors, so you can choose one that matches your Jeep's paint job or go with something totally different for a unique look. You can select a simple design or add your own custom text for an added personal touch, such as a Jeep® Built USA decal.

Graphic Decals

Graphic decals are printed on high-quality vinyl and feature vibrant, detailed images. They also come in a range of sizes, so you can find something that fits the hood perfectly. Graphic decals are great for showcasing your favorite sports team or showing off your patriotic side with an American flag decal design.

Hood Lettering Decals

If you're looking for a more subtle look, consider hood lettering decals. These are cut out of vinyl and feature either your initials or words such as "Rough and Rugged" or "Jeep® Better Topless Decal." You can personalize the font and color for a truly unique look.

Military-Inspired Decals

Show off your support for the troops with a military-inspired decal. These come in a variety of designs, such as an American flag or a service branch logo. Some even include phrases like "God Bless America" or "Heroes Among Us."

Custom Decals

Don't see the exact design you're looking for? You can always have a custom decal made! All you need to do is provide the desired image, text, and color scheme. The decal will be printed on weather-resistant vinyl that is made to last.

Behind Bars Decals

These life behind bars decals feature an intricate design of bars and are perfect for those who like the look of a classic Jeep. The decal can be customized in either black or white to match your vehicle's color scheme. It looks great with any style of hood, giving your Wrangler JK the ultimate custom look to reduce hood glare.

Skull And Crossbones Decals

For those who like a bit of an edge, skull and crossbones decals are the perfect choice. These feature a classic pirate design that looks great on any type of hood. Customize it with your favorite color for an added high personal touch.

How To Choose The Perfect Jeep Hood Decals

When choosing the right decal for your Jeep, either the Wrangler or Rubicon, there are several things to consider, such as:

Material Quality And Durability

Make sure to check the quality of the material used. High-quality vinyl decals are made to last for years and won't crack, fade, or peel off over time. Make sure it's weather-resistant so it can handle all sorts of conditions.

Design And Color Scheme

Think about how you want your Jeep to look and relate it to a design that fits your style. Bright colors will make a bold statement, while more muted shades may be more subtle. Consider adding a few custom touches here and there to personalize it even further. You can use black and white graphics for a classic look or go with vibrant colors for something more eye-catching.

Compatibility With Jeep Model And Hood Shape

Make sure the decal you choose is compatible with your Jeep's model and hood shape. Take measurements to make sure it fits properly and won't need trimming or other adjustments. This will ensure you get the perfect look without any hassle.

Maintenance And Cleaning Requirements

Take a look at the maintenance and cleaning requirements for your decal. Some may need regular waxing or polishing to protect the paint, while others may only require occasional washing. You want to make sure your decal is easy to remove so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Removal Process And Potential Damage

Consider the removal process and potential damage when choosing your decal. Some materials may require a special adhesive remover or be more difficult to remove without causing damage. Make sure you know how to properly remove your decal if needed in the future.

Personal Style And Preferences

Choose a decal that fits your personal style and preferences. You want something that will make you proud to show off your Jeep Wrangler and reflect who you are. Whether it's bright and bold or more subtle and classic, there's sure to be a design that matches your taste.

How To Apply Jeep Hood Decals In 5 Easy Steps

Applying Jeep hood decals is easy with these five simple steps:

Gather The Necessary Tools And Materials

Gather the essential tools and materials needed for applying Jeep hood decals, such as the decal itself, a clean cloth, masking tape, a spray bottle with a water and soap mixture, a squeegee or credit card, scissors, or a utility knife.

Prepare Hood Surface

Wash the hood with mild soap and water to remove any dirt and debris. Make sure it is completely dry before proceeding. If needed, lightly sand the area to create an optimal surface for adhesion. Apply the tape around the edges of the decal to protect your paint job from potential damage.

Position And Secure The Decal

Carefully position the decal on the hood and press down to secure it in place. With a squeegee or your fingers, smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles. If needed, trim the edges with scissors or a utility knife for a cleaner look.

Apply The Decal

Spray a water and soap solution onto the hood to create a barrier between the decal and the surface. This will help prevent any damage during application. Carefully apply pressure along the edges of the decal until it is completely adhered to the hood. Use a cloth or a squeegee to make sure there are no air bubbles remaining.

Finalize The Application

Remove any excess water and soap solution with a clean cloth. Allow the hood decal to dry for 24 hours before driving your Jeep Wrangler. Once it's dry, you're ready to hit the road with your new look!

Where To Find And Buy Jeep Hood Decals

At Built USA, you'll find a great selection of Jeep hood decals for all your customization needs. We offer a variety of decal designs, from classic American flags to military-inspired logos and custom designs.

Wide Selection

No matter what look you're aiming for, we have the perfect decal. Choose from our selection of pre-made designs or create your own custom decal with your desired image, text, and color scheme. All our decals are made with weather-resistant vinyl to ensure they last for years.


All our decals are made in the USA with pride, so you know you're getting the highest quality product. Our experienced team of designers and craftsmen creates each decal to ensure authenticity and precision. You can trust that your decal will look great.

Customization Options

Our customization options let you add your own personal touch to your decal. Choose from many colors and sizes to make sure it's exactly what you're looking for. Whether you want a classic look or something more eye-catching, we have the perfect design for you.

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Upgrade Your Jeep's Look With Premium Hood Decals!

Adding a Jeep hood decal is an easy and affordable way to upgrade your ride. Whether you're looking for a classic look or something more daring, there's sure to be the perfect design for you! With Built USA's selection of high-quality decals, you can trust that your Jeep will look great for years to come. Shop our decals now and get ready to hit the road in style!


  • Can I Remove A Jeep Hood Decal Without Damaging The Paint?

  • You can remove Jeep hood decals without damaging the paint. Use a special adhesive remover to loosen the decal from the surface before peeling it off. Afterward, use a mild soap and water solution to clean up any residue left behind.

  • Are Jeep Hood Decals Waterproof And Weather-Resistant?

  • Yes, all Jeep hood decals at Built USA are made with waterproof and weather-resistant vinyl. This ensures they will last for years without fading or cracking.

  • Can I Customize My Own Design For A Jeep Hood Decal?

  • You can access customization options for Jeep hood decals. Select from pre-made designs or create your own custom decal with your desired image, text, and color scheme.

  • How Long Do Jeep Hood Decals Typically Last?

  • Jeep hood decals can last for years with proper maintenance. If you want your decal to last longer, make sure the surface is properly prepared and use a special adhesive remover if needed. Also, remember to keep it clean and free of dirt and debris. With the right care, it should remain intact for a long time!