Adore Your Ride: The Power Of Motorcycle Tank Decals

Transform your ride into a custom expression with motorcycle tank decals. Shop our full selection of decals or stickers so you can customize your bike today!

For motorcycle enthusiasts, a tank decal is the perfect way to add some personal style and flair to your ride. Not only do they look great, but they can also be used to express your individual identity or show off your favorite brand. Tank decals come in all shapes and sizes, from simple monochromatic designs to complex multi-colored patterns. Whether you are looking for something bold and eye-catching or subtle and understated, find the perfect tank decal for a motorcycle here!

What Are The Types Of Motorcycle Tank Decals?

There are several different types of vinyl motorcycle decals to choose from. Here are just a few of the most popular choices to shop by category:

Graphic Tank Decals

Graphic tank decals are the perfect way to add a unique and personal touch to your motorcycle. These decals come in a wide variety of designs, from intricate patterns and illustrations to bold images and words. Tank graphic decals may be monochromatic or full-color, depending on what you're looking for. For example, a simple black-and-white pattern can be used to create a classic look, while vibrant colors can make your bike stand out in a crowd.

Logo Tank Decals

If you're looking for a more subtle way to show your love of a particular brand, logo tank decals are the perfect choice. Logo decals come in all shapes and sizes, from small logos that can be placed on any part of your bike to large logo wraps covering the entire tank. There are logos of small businesses, major companies, and everything in between. With logo tank decals on your motorcycle, you'll be sure to get noticed!

Text Tank Decals

Text tank decals are a great option if you want to express yourself without having to resort to visuals. Whether it's your favorite phrase, an inspirational quote, or just your name, text tank decals can add a personal touch to any ride. You can opt for a range of fonts and colors for the perfect look.

Reflective Tank Decals

Reflective tank decals are a great way to add safety to your motorcycle. These decals reflect light from car headlights or streetlights, making you more visible in low-light conditions. Not only are they functional, but reflective tank decals also come in a wide variety of designs and colors, so you can still make a statement with your ride.

Tribal Tank Decals

Tribal tank decals are a great way to add a unique and eye-catching look to your bike. These decals draw inspiration from traditional tribal patterns, shapes, and symbols, offering an array of designs that are perfect for expressing personal identity or showcasing favorite brands. From intricate patterns featuring lines, dots, and geometric shapes to bold and colorful designs, tribal tank decals offer something for everyone.

Flames And Skulls Tank Decals

For those who want to add a bit of edge to their ride, flames and skull decals are the perfect choice. From classic flame designs to intricate skull patterns, these decals are sure to turn heads. Flames and skull tank decals come in all shapes and sizes, from small accents to large wraps that will cover your entire tank. Whether you're looking for something subtle or bold, these decals can give your bike a unique and intimidating look.

Military Tank Decals

If you're looking for a tank decal to show your support for the military, then military tank decals are the perfect choice. From classic designs featuring patriotic colors and symbols to intricate wraps featuring camouflage patterns, these decals come in all shapes and sizes. Military tank decals are sure to turn heads and show your pride in our fighting forces.

Racing Tank Decals

Racing tank decals are the perfect way to show your love of speed and adventure. Whether you're looking for a subtle design featuring checkered flags or an intricate wrap featuring bold racing stripes, these decals are sure to turn heads.

How Can Motorcycle Tank Decals Be Customized?

Motorcycle tank decals can be customized to fit your individual style and preferences. Whether you're looking for something simple or complex, you can choose:

Size And Placement

Tank decals come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit any motorcycle. Whether you are looking for a small accent or a large wrap that covers the entire tank, there is a decal to match your individual style. Furthermore, you can choose where on your tank to place the decal, from off-center placements for subtle accents to full wraps that cover the entire tank.

Layering And Combining

Suppose you want to add more complexity and detail to your bike. Layer and combine different decals for a unique look. Mix and match colors, patterns, and designs for a completely custom look that will turn heads. Furthermore, you can combine logo decals with graphic or text decals for the perfect combination of style and function.

Texture And Finish

For those who want to add an extra layer of detail, the texture and finish of your decal can be customized as well. From a matte or glossy finish to raised or embossed textures, you have complete control over how your bike looks.

Clear Background Or Die-Cut

If you just want the design of your decal without the background, then a die-cut decal is perfect. These decals are cut to match the exact shape of the design itself for an eye-catching look that stands out. Alternatively, you can keep the entire decal and use a clear background to make it blend in with your motorcycle's color scheme.

Theme And Style Matching

You can customize your tank decals to match the theme of your bike. Whether it's a classic vintage style or a modern urban look, there is a tank decal that will fit perfectly with the style and look of your ride. From subtle accents to bold and colorful designs, there are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your motorcycle.

Collaborative Designs

For those who want to create a truly unique look, you can even collaborate with friends or fellow bikers to design and customize your tank decals together. This is the perfect way to express yourself and show your love of motorcycles in a unique and creative way. With the help of friends, you can bring your vision to life and create an eye-catching design.

Partial Or Full Coverage

According to your desired style, you can choose to go with a partial or full-coverage tank decal. Partial-coverage decals are great for subtle accents and adding a touch of personalization without being too overwhelming. Full-coverage wraps, on the other hand, cover your entire tank for a bold and dramatic look that is sure to turn heads.

Installing Motorcycle Tank Decals: The Dos and Don'ts

When it comes to installing motorcycle tank decals, there are a few do's and don'ts that you should keep in mind.


  • Clean the motorcycle tank surface effectively before installing the decals, and emphasize the importance of removing dirt, grease, and residue.
  • Take accurate measurements and plan the placement of the decals to achieve proper alignment and symmetry.
  • Use the essential tools required for the installation process, such as a squeegee, masking tape, and heat gun, for a smooth application.
  • When you put a decal on your motorcycle tank, it is best to start in the middle and then move outward. This helps to make sure that no air bubbles are stuck inside the decal and that it is placed where you want it.
  • It is important to use a squeegee or similar tool to ensure that it adheres properly. Start by slowly and evenly pressing the tool over the decal in a back-and-forth motion from one side to the other. As you move across the surface, continue to press firmly and apply even pressure so that the decal sticks to the surface perfectly.


  • When installing tank decals, it is important to take the time to clean the surface of your motorcycle properly. This will ensure a smooth and successful application process, so don't rush this step.
  • Don’t skip the cleaning steps! Take the necessary precautions to remove dirt, grease, and residue from your tank before installing your decal. Additionally, avoid using abrasive chemicals, as these can cause damage to the decal or your motorcycle's paint.
  • Do not try to peel off a damaged decal, as this can leave behind residue that is difficult to remove. If the decal does become damaged, take the necessary steps to repair it without damaging the surface of your tank further.
  • Avoid applying too much heat when using a heat gun during installation. Doing so can cause the decal to warp and bubble, which will make it difficult to install properly.
  • Don't rush the installation process. Take your time and make sure that every step is done correctly for a successful application.

Why Should You Buy Your Motorcycle Tank Decals At Built USA?

At Built USA, we provide the highest-quality decals for your motorcycle tank. You should buy your tank decals with us because: 

Quality Assurance

We take pride in providing the highest-quality tank decals on the market. Our decals are designed to last and can withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors. Our products are crafted from top-grade materials that are resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling. With proper installation and care, our decals will maintain their original look for years to come.

Made In The USA

All of our tank decals are designed and manufactured right here in the USA. We value craftsmanship and attention to detail, so you can be sure that your decal is made with precision and care. Our team of professionals creates each decal with the utmost quality assurance for a perfect fit and finish.

Wide Variety

We offer an extensive selection of motorcycle tank decals in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. Whether you are looking for subtle accents or bold logos, we have the perfect decal for your motorcycle. You can also customize your decal to match the look and theme of your bike.

Affordable Prices 

At Built USA, we offer the most competitive rates on the market. With our low prices and top-quality products, you can get the perfect tank decal at an affordable price. Plus, with our bulk discounts, you can save even more when you purchase multiple tank decals.

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  • Can I Remove The Motorcycle Tank Decals Without Damaging The Paint?

  • Yes, you can remove the decals without damaging your motorcycle's paint. Be sure to use a heat gun and hand-held scraper to carefully peel off the decal, taking care not to scratch or damage the surface of your tank.

  • Can I Change The Size And Color Of The Tank Decals?

  • You can customize your tank decal in terms of size and color. We offer a wide selection of sizes and colors to choose from, as well as the option to create your custom design.

  • How Long Do The Tank Decals Last?

  • Decals are designed to last for years with proper installation and care. They are crafted from top-grade materials that are resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling. With the right maintenance, your decal can maintain its original look for years to come.

  • Can I Apply The Tank Decals Myself, Or Do I Need Professional Help?

  • You can easily install the tank decals yourself with the right tools and instructions. Be sure to read through our installation guide carefully before beginning the process, and always remember to take your time for a successful application. If you have any questions or need additional help, you can always contact us for assistance.

  • Can I Get A Custom Design Or Logo Printed On The Tank Decals?

  • You can get a custom logo or design printed on your tank decal. Simply contact the manufacturers with your request, and they will be happy to assist you in creating the perfect custom decal for your motorcycle.