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Brenda Powell is of the belief that because of the massive delays in her husband’s cancer treatment ultimately killed him. When he was first diagnosed compared to when he initially experienced treatment was a process of about five months. It was last August that the VA had diagnosed veteran Larry Powell with lung cancer. In December, Larry had said, “Labs, exams, tests, retests because the original tests are not accurate; they’re too old to be reliable. Go back and take them again, and that’s the cycle we’re going through.” For months after his initial diagnosis, Larry never received any kind of treatment...

Disabled Veteran Shoots Intruder During Home Invasion!


Wheelchair bound, 69-year old disabled veteran, Eddie Frank Smith, heard a sound coming from his back door.  When he went to investigate, he found 22-year old Andre Smith (no known relation) had broken down his door and was standing in his home. Andre lounged at the disabled veteran, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is when Eddie shot him once in the torso.  Andre attempted to leave the house but “collapsed near the roadway and was transported to the hospital where he died,” said Ryan Carmichael, the GBI assistant special agent in charge of Region 6. Smith as well as neighbors in Monticello, Ga reported the...



Police have publically released that a Robert “Bob” Leroy Rogers claimed to be a former Vietnam POW with drastic financial troubles. He used this guise in order to borrow almost $20,000 from his elderly veteran neighbor. Unfortunately this hefty amount was 74-year-old William Lipovsky’s life savings, and police have said that there is little to no chance that Lipovsky will ever see this money returned. Robert “Bob” Leroy Rogers is currently 61-years-old and was arrested this Monday due to his part in the unfortunate scheme against Lipovsky. William Lipovsky was previously an air force master sergeant, and was...

Disabled Veteran Scammed After Trying To Find Her Missing Service Dog

service dog

Dara Jackson is a disabled army veteran who is begging the public to help her find her missing service dog, Pebbles. At this point Pebbles has been missing for more than two weeks. Jackson suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, and her service dog pebbles is her key to dealing with her debilitating symptoms on a daily basis. Jackson has tried everything to track down her furry friend. She has printed out physical flyers and handed them around her local community. She has also reached out to anyone that may know a hint about Pebbles’s whereabouts on Facebook.  Unfortunately when Jackson recently thought she found her dog again...



It has been reported that a GetGo employee has been fired after a horrific confrontation that the employee sparked with a double amputee veteran who had parked in a handicap spot. Marine veteran Brandon Rumbaugh said that it was a typical Sunday afternoon when he and his girlfriend made a quick stop at their local GetGo. “I pulled into the handicap spot, like I do all the time, and she gets out and goes in the store, and I was going to come in after her,” Rumbaugh said. It was in 2009, that Rumbaugh lost both of his legs in Afghanistan. Rumbaugh was desperately trying to rescue a fellow marine who had been critically injured when he...

Veteran Brings Active Shooter Training to Civilians in Nevada


James Cameron is the founder of Security Concepts Group. Cameron who is currently 42-years-old, joined the military right out of high school. He left shortly after in order to pursue a college degree however he promptly rejoined after 9/11. During his time in service he served as an Army Ranger during his tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During this time he experienced multiple mass-casualty situations. After serving, Cameron proceeded to work overseas as a contracted security specialist for the State Department. He says he provided protection for congressional leaders and high-ranking diplomats specifically in “high-threat...

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