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Homeless Vet’s Last Belongings Stolen


They took the Last of What He Had!  Every Belonging Taken… Austin Minton is a Navy veteran who is simply trying to get back in his feet. Minton was forced out of his apartment in Oregon when the landlords raised the price of rent. Since then Minton has been homeless and struggling for quite awhile. In order to feed himself and eventually secure a home once again, Minton works producing videos for local performers. Unfortunately, Minton’s car was broken into recently and the culprit took everything.  All of his belongings were stolen from his car. The thief took Minton’s social security card, important documents from the...



Samuel Adams, who resides in Greeley, Colorado, received an order last week directly from his apartment’s management staff to remove his American flag immediately from his apartments balcony. Adams refuses! Adams made the claim that he would much rather face eviction rather than give in and take his beloved flag down. Adams’s YouTube video expressing his disgust over the matter has gone viral. In the video he reads the notice aloud, noting that the letter explicitly says, “Please do not clutter with personal belongings. Balconies and patios must be maintained in a neat, clean, and attractive condition”. Adams’s...

Raising Awareness For The 22 Veterans Lost Everyday


The  new statistics of U.S. Service Members committing suicide is estimated at 22 a day.  Twenty-two suffering souls leave their body to escape the pain.  Day after day, week after week and month after month,  American veterans battle a ddebilitating statistic.  The sad reality has struck the public and some efforts are underway to try and turn the tide. And women service members returning  from a foreign war are 12 times more likely to take their own lives than a man.   U.S. Representative Julia Brownley introduced a measure last June trying to alleviate some of the crippling stress.  “The bill adds women-specific references...


veteran wait times

It has been reported that the VA hospital in Houston completely altered its records in order to hide the lengthy patient waiting lists. After officials investigated the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center as well as its associated clinics, it was found that personal had altered their records in order to make it appear that hundreds of appointments that had been canceled by the staff were actually cancelled by the patients. This federal audit brought to light that this change of records was certainly organized in order to cover up the unacceptable wait times that Veterans have been facing. The massive audit was performed after officials had...

Heinous Law Halts IVF Coverage For Veterans

ivf coverage

Active U.S. Service Members who cannot conceive a child naturally are offered financial assistance under the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to utilize IVF treatments, however, a soldier who was deployed, wounded and unable to conceive because of his/her injuries would not be offered IVF treatments covered under the V.A.  The reasoning is because disabled soldiers are no longer able to be on active duty, which is the only status available if one wishes to receive this assistance.  23 years ago, a conservative congress passed a law which made such experiences a nightmare many Service Members are experiencing.   Alex Dillman has...

VA Refuses To Pay For Service Dogs

service dog

It has been estimated that on any given day in the United States, 22 Service members of the U.S. military take their own lives.  Suffering  from sometimes incapacitating and debilitating traumas that present in Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome for a large number of American Veterans, service dogs have been proven to assist the disabled and keep up their spirits when suicidal moods take them over.   A non-profit named Pets for Vets is working to train rescue dogs and pair them with veterans. The relationship between a service animal and a veteran who is suffering from PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injuries is a special one which reaps many...

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