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In Recent Military News

Top Taliban Commander Killed in US Drone Strike


On Saturday, a U.S. drone strike killed top Taliban leader Mullah Mansour in Pakistan. This information was then confirmed this Sunday by Afghanistan’s spy agency. Many U.S. officials have remarked that this is a major breakthrough in the now almost 15 year old war. Secretary of State John Kerry claimed that Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour was the main obstacle to successful peace talks between the U.S. and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. Charles Cleveland, the main spokesman for U.S. Forces-Afghanistan, voiced his concerns despite Saturday’s news. “We are confident, but at this point we do not have indisputable facts that he...

OC Bikers Helping Abused Children


Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) is an organization with a mission to empower formerly abused children to live without fear. BACA was originally founded in 1995 and has since grown to become an international organization stretching to 46 states and a total of 13 countries. The Orange County branch of BACA was created in 2014 after a staggering increase to the reports of child abuse. Fester, vice president of the OC chapter, claims, “There was a need for us in Orange County”. A giant intimidating biker helping a frightened abused child might seem like a bizarre scene. However abused children often feel helpless and giving them a...

China Demands End to US Surveillance Missions


Beijing has officially demanded a timely end to all U.S. surveillance near China.  This blatant demand came after Tuesday’s incident of two Chinese fighter jets carrying out a very risky intercept of a U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft over the South China Sea. The Pentagon claims that the plane was simply carrying out a “routine U.S. patrol”. However China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei Hong insists, “…U.S. military planes frequently carry out reconnaissance in Chinese coastal waters, seriously endangering Chinese maritime security.” It is needless to say that tensions have increased...

EgyptAir flight wreckage points to the Possibility of Terrorism


EgyptAir Flight 804 disappeared from the sky only hours after departing from Paris. It suddenly vanished less than an hour before it was due to land in Cairo according to aviation officials. Pieces of the flight have begun to be discovered in various parts of the Mediterranean sea. Although many officials have played with the idea of technical issues being the root cause of the crash, many believe that something far more sinister occurred. Greek air traffic controllers repeatedly tried to make contact with Flight 804 as the plane left Greek airspace… But the pilot did not respond. They continued to make contact with the pilot until...

When This Marine Discovers A Challenge Involving STOMPING On Our Flag…He Has To Step In!


A new “challenge” is sweeping the internet, but this one is absolutely disgusting. It’s called the “Eric Sheppard Challenge,” named after a New Black Panther member who is wanted by police in Georgia after they found his gun on a school campus during a protest. He has yet to be caught. The challenge consists of filming yourself destroying an American flag to show support for Sheppard, and the sad thing is many liberals are actually doing it! Finally, U.S. Marine veteran Shane Lawler had had enough. He posted a video online letting the world know exactly what he thinks about this “challenge,” and his rant is epic. “What we...

NATO is showing it’s ready to ‘fight tonight’ with military drills near Russia


On May 4, US Army Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti assumed command of NATO’s Allied Command Operations from US Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, who retired after 39 years of service. Upon taking his post, Scaparrotti wasted no time in stressing the importance of a ready, agile force that could “fight tonight” against a “resurgent” and threatening Russia. Indeed, Russia has engaged in propping up Syrian President Bashar Assad, had Russian planes fly aggressively toward US ships and planes, and threatened military retribution should Finland join NATO. In response, the US is leading a series of military drills...